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Gigaset Web GUI Screenshots

siemens-s685ipThis set of screen shots was taken from the web GUI of the Gigaset S675IP, but the web GUI for the A580IP is very similar.

[nggallery id=12]

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  1. I’m looking to replace my old 2.4 ghz phone with the Siemens 685IP. Unfortunately it’s not available in the US yet.
    Do you know when this will be available to us?
    I plan on getting the base +3 for my home. Is it worth the wait?

    1. At present Gigaset doesn’t plan to offer the S685IP model in the US, only the S675IP model. The only difference between the two is bluetooth headset capability. The trouble is that they have a large number of models in their range. It’s not practical to bring more than a few models addressing various price points at first.

      The SL78H handset has bluetooth capability. That is being offered as an optional expansion to the S675IP or A580IP.

  2. can u use a bluetooth headset with the 675ip? Do you know the next advanced gigaset mode sip/dect cordlessl to be introduced in the states?
    Thanks again.

  3. I see you got OnSip configured properly. Any tips?

    I’ve tried following knowledge base with no luck. I got Gizmo5 and SipGate working properly (although they have auto configuration).

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