Dramatic Delta Around Delta Three

Looks like big change is afoot at Delta Three, namely they’ve sold a controlling stake in the company to investment company D4 Holdings. Doug Mohney of Fierce VoIP has the details from an SEC filing.

Delta Three was the white label VoIP service provider behind Verizon’s soon-to-be-terminated Voice Wing offering. Also, the JoIP service bundled with Panasonic’s Globarange VoIP capable cordless phones.

The next question to ask is whether the JoIP will survive or Panasonic needs to allow users to provision the phones themselves. IMHO, that would be great!

Philips DECT Phones: Fail!

After a few weeks of use we’ve decided that these Philips DECT phones we acquired on WOOT.COM have just got to go. At $49 for a set of four handsets they were certainly inexpensive so I’m not all that upset. There are simply too many things about the devices that are source of frustration, so I’m once again shopping for alternatives. I should know better than to make impulse purchases. I’m such a sucker for new gadgetry.

What is the cause our frustration? So kind of you to ask….

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Connecting The Dots: Verizon, Delta Three & Panasonic

Om Malik suggests that Verizon’s shutdown of their VoiceWing residential VoIP service could be the end of Delta three. When I first started experimenting with VoIP Delta Three was flying high, and I looked at their I Connect Here offering briefly. They managed to land some very interesting deals, including Verizon’s ill-fated Voice Wing and a partnership with Panasonic called JoIP.

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