Asterisk to Support Polycom’s Siren7 and Siren14

asterisk1Just a brief news item from my notes of the December 26 VUC call with Steve Sokol. We learned that Digium is planning support for Polycom’s Siren7 and Siren14 codecs in a future release of Asterisk v1.6. These are also known as G.722.1 and G.722.1 Annex C. They offer wideband calling at bitrates much lower than G.722 calls.

Siren14 supports bitrates of 24, 32 or 48 kbps and 14 khz passband making it equally well suited to music as voice applications. Siren7 supports bitrates of 16, 24 or 32 kbps with 7 khz passband.

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Retiring snom’s m3 From Our Home Line

snom_m3_persp_1_typo3_032Since mid-October the snom m3 has been the only phone on our home account. That’s when the old Panasonic KSU finally breathed its last gasp. I’ve been using one of the snom handsets in my office since they arrived in January. In general I’m pleased with the device. It does what I need and it’s been reliable.

About a week ago my wife came to me with one of the little snom m3 cordless handsets in her hand. She wasn’t mad, but she said that the little phone is source of frustration, and she’d like me to replace it on the home line.

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pfSense + Freeswitch

According to the pfSense blog there’s been an effort to implement Freeswitch as an installable package to pfSense. This is very interesting. There’s a long list of comments to the blog post which collectively spell out some of the merits of this idea, as well as how it relates to running an IP-PBX inside the LAN.

Some indicate a preference for Asterisk over Freeswitch. Others ask for a lightweight configuration supporting just a SIP proxy to an inside PBX. It’s noted that Freeswitch is a much larger application than siproxd, which would handle that well enough.

I’ve been considering giving pfSense a try. This is just one more good reason to make the effort some time soon.

Rumour: Snom 820

snom-820Just this afternoon I heard that I might be able to lay hands on one of the new snom 820 handsets for my own little field trial. Funny how things come full circle. The very first SIP desk phone I ever bought was a snom 200. At the time it was a nice phone. A little quirky maybe, but very nice.

It’ll be interesting to see how far they’ve come with their new top-of-the-line model. And of course it gives me another wideband capable end-point to experiment further with interoperability issues. Offers Free Ads to FOSS Projects

This is really nice. In a post today the admin at the VoIP Wiki offers free ad space to FOSS projects. It’s great idea. Here are the terms: offers free ads for open source VOIP projects.

  • The project just be open source
  • The ad must link to a page
  • Ads for projects that actively maintain content on will be run more often
  • Ads will run on a space available basis

I can think of a few projects that should take them up on this idea. Astlinux would be my first choice. M0n0wall and pfsense would be a good match. Perhaps Askozia?I’d say Asterisk, but they get enough exposure already.

I might also suggest QuteCom as well.  Maybe if QuteCom got a little more exposure and broadened the user based there might be motivation to get the G.722 interoperability issue fixed?

In fact, if anyone from a VoIP/FOSS projects wants to take up the office I’d be willing to help create the advert. I have the graphics experience (that’s my business after all) and knowledge of VoIP space. Could be static or Flash-based as you like.