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New Wideband Codecs In Freeswitch

Over the past couple of days the Freeswitch developers have announced support for several newer wideband capable codecs. Thier first announcement was support for the Polycom Siren(tm) 7 and Siren(tm) 14, aka G.722.1 and G.722.1 Annex C. These provide sample…

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snom has joined the Twitterverse

..or is the correct term "Twittersphere?" In any case, I noticed that snom is officially on Twitter as @ snom. This is nice as it gives a direct channel to/from them. I've been exchanging occasional emails with some of their…

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Broadband Reform In The US: Turner, Isen & Obama

I just finished listening to Brough Turner’s Ecomm 2008 presentation called “Own The Network.” His talk is available for download from IT Conversations, the accompanying slides and notes are available from his blog.

Mr Turner’s key assertion is that we insist upon owning the dark fiber to our homes & businesses. This is very similar to David Isen’s idea of “Fiber From The Home.” It’s a principle that I can completely get behind.

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VUC Call Dec 12: Asterisk Security

polycom_ip650_256Let me be amongst the first to say that I can be such a schmuck some days! Randulo asked me to guest host last Friday’s VUC call as he was unavailable. I agreed since I was going to be in my office that day. I thought ahead enough to have the correct Talkshoe web login to get the conference started.  But I called into the conference server using my usual SIP dialing process. I have it programmed into my hosted PBX, so it’s routine.

Logged in as me, and not the call host, this didn’t allow me to initiate the call recording on the Talkshoe conference bridge. Of course I didn’t know this until a few seconds before the call was to begin when I first tried to start the recording. No problem, says I, I’ll do it locally…which I did. I recorded the call using my Polycom SoundPoint IP650, which I used to actually participate on the call.

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