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Naming The Cafe At Digium

Ok, I just have to record this here as it’s too funny. Digium has a contest to come up with a name for the cafe at their new offices in Huntsville AL. This generated lots of idea, comments, Twitter traffic, etc. They settled upon “Beans & Bytes” which results in this reply:

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Soft Phones: An Opportunity For Someone

<RANT> Let’s face it, the soft phone segment of VoIP space is stagnant. There’s been little change in literally years. I’ve spent the past six months looking for a Windows soft phone that was G.722 capable. In the course of my search I’ve tried a number of soft phones. The list is getting lengthy:

Corey Andrews over at VoIP Supply also blogged a great summary of Free SIP Soft Phones a while back.. There are a couple on this list that look promising. I’m about to try both MizuPhone and Mirial.

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Blog & Blog Some More

Over the past couple of weeks I've split my blogging in two. Respecting the fact that many readers have a singular focus SOHO VoIP and networking topics remain here as usual. However, more varied topics and curiosities are on a…

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Celebrating One Year Of Blogging

Funny how things just sort of happen. In looking back through some emails I just discovered that it was one year ago today that I started writing this blog. At least that’s when I setup my account at The first real post came perhaps a few days later.

This blog was back then an effort to set down in one place the answers to questions that I was fielding in a variety of public forums online. It was in essence born out of frustration that the same set of questions kept returning, each time meeting with answers from a different group of respondents, and with some variability in the nature of the answers. So I wanted to simply document what I have done. My own experience working from a home office full time over the past 10+ years.

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Polycom’s New SoundPoint IP450

It looks like our friends at Polycom have released a new phone, the SoundPoint IP450. This new model offers three line appearances and a new high-resolution, backlit gray-scale LCD. It also offers both wideband voice and the availability of the…

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