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GIPS Comments On My Soft Phone Rant

Global IP Solutions, the people behind the codec package that helped bring Skype to prominence, has recently launched a blog. Amongst their first entries they decided to weigh in with a response to my recent rant about soft phones.

I appreciate their perspective about G.722. It’s old, and there are a number of codecs better suited to IP networks. I have used both Skype and Gizmo5 for some time and appreciate that they can provide outstanding call quality between like end-points.

However, in my daily activities I still need hardware phones. And so when considering a soft phone I need interoperability with my hardware phones. At the moment that means G.722 if I want to enjoy the benefits of wideband audio.

Perhaps one day we might enjoy using iSac to make calls to & from a fabulous hard phone. But not today.

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