snom v1.2 beta firmware for m3 SIP/DECT System

A recent beta firmware for the snom m3 cordless system introduced a most annoying bug. The handset could be turned off with a simple press of the end call button if the phone was not actually on a call. This made it way too easy to accidentally turn the handset off.

Happily, since I have my phone set to automatically load firmware updates it recently loaded v1.20 beta, and that problem has been resolved. The handset now required an extended press of the end call button to turn it off, just like any cell phone.

Snom tells me that a major firmware release for the m3 is forthcomming.

Vera Home Automation

For the past while I’ve been thinking about extending my ancient X-10 based home automation. It wasn’t clear to me what technology was most appropriate but earlier this week my mind was made up for me. micasaverde announced their Vera home automation server based upon Z-Wave RF technology.

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Web Apps For Polycom IP Phones

I’ve not had a chance to try these yet but this evening I stumbled across a couple of Tweets about new apps leveraging the LCD displays on better Polycom IP phones. One lets you load Flickr images to the phones idle display. The other pops up a picture based upon the incoming callerid. Definitely gonna try these out when back at home Friday.

Bye Bye Skype Status Display!

For about a week I had a Skype status display in the sidebar on this blog. The site runs WordPress and I never have felt that the use of sidebar Widgets caused a problem…until this Skype thingy. Adding that widget caused the site to reference some data at It made loading pages excruciatingly slow. So, bye bye Skype status!