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Beware Bad Links For Now

Some links on this site are going to be broken for a short while. Earlier this week, after the Hurricane Ike cleanup, I managed to get the site moved from free hosting to a BlueHost. This will eventually let…

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A Very Strange Week Indeed: Houston After Ike

Well it has certainly been an unusual week around here. To start with migrating my domain to a new host took longer than I thought. The whole process took about a week. The thing is that it finally happened the very day that Hurricane Ike was to hit the Houston area. So…..I was a little busy…y’dig?

We had the house and office all boarded up and executed what the local authorities call “Shelter In Place.” That protocol, known as “SIP”  to some outside the VoIP community was the recommended practice given our location.

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Askozia Releases v1.0.0!

Askozia is an embedded Asterisk distribution that I've been following for some time. Michael Iedema, the projects principle author, just posted an announcment that the project has reached its v1.0 release. Congratulations to all involved.

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Strange Days Ahead

The next few days may be a little strange around here. I'm hoping to move this site from to a commercial host. Hopefully I won't mess up the transition too much.

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Example Of Using The XML Browser On A Polycom Phone

A short while I go I wrote a lament about how the better IP phones with large LCD displays are woefully underused. Specifically, they provide XHTML browsers that allow the phone to interact with online data sources.

Poking around online I found a company in Colorado that develops apps to leverage these features. Further, they make available a public example that you can access for your Polycom phone.

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