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Houston Utilities In The Post-Ike Period

Now I still have a major issue with AT&T, and very much prefer to not give them my business. However, in The Woodland Heights neighborhood where I live we have now been without electricity and cable tv for 9 days. That in an of itself is bad but not entirely unexpected.

The unexpected part is that we have not seen ANY Centerpoint or Comcast branded vehicles in the area. Accepting that Centerpoint, the electrical distribution utility, is using help from utilities all over the state I can say that we have not seen any kind of electrical utility vehicles in the neighborhood, branded for whomever.

This even as their web site reports that by the end-of-day today the bulk of our neighborhood is supposed to have power restored. According to Centerpoint only 31% of customers in this zip code (77009) presently have power.

There have been some cable contractors working on behalf of Comcast in the area.

This all is in stark contrast to AT&T. We have witnessed AT&T line trucks here, there, and everywhere the past 4-5 days. They can be seen to be putting things right. It’s a great testament to the dedication of the line crews and their immediate management.

We are gaining some keen insight into the reality of these companies and their ability to get things done. Remember that all three companies are regulated monopolies. Their actions, or inaction, are all to be considered as we weigh the regulatory environment and the claims made by monopolists about their activities.

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