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Free World Dialup Is No Longer Free

According to various reports after over a decade Free World Dialup is moving to a paid service model. I can’t help but feel that something is being lost in this transition. I’ve had a FWD account for years (54245) but rarely ever used it beyond testing Asterisk servers. I does ring through to my desk phone, passed over IAX2 to my Astlinux box. Someone said that the IAX2 access has been down recently, but I haven’t noticed.

I once spoke to a guy down in Argentina who just happened to answer the intro line. I also left Jeff Pulver a voice message once. His number was really cool and low, like 1001 if I recall. Mostly I just called their echo test to verify connectivity.

FWD was fun. It was truly HAM radio on the internet. It was part of what drew me into VOIP.

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Phweet Has Real Possibilities

After hearing about Phweet earlier this week, and giving it a look, I was able to connect with co-founder Stuart Henshall this morning. It seems that he was hanging out on the service all day getting conferences started and explaining things to people.

My impression of the service evolved a little over the course of half an hour actually using it. My initial impression was that it was principally for spawning calls between Twitter users. That’s pretty cool indeed.

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DECT Wars: snom m3 vs Siemens S685IP

If you’ve been hanging around these parts a while you’ll already know that I’ve had the snom m3 SIP DECT phone system installed since mid-January. I got lucky and bought one of the first units delivered to snom’s US distributor in Dallas.

Then a few months later, and after hearing rave reviews from a few people abroad, I imported a Siemens S685IP SIP DECT phone system from the UK. So now we have two SIP DECT systems on the property.

Why you ask?

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