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T5700 SlimNAS with 1 GB RAM

I just tried a little test in response to some questions about how the unit might perform with more RAM. I had a 1 GB SODIMM of PC2700 (DDR-333) on hand so I tried that in place of the stock 256 MB of DDR-266.

It doesn’t boot at all. It seems that the BIOS can’t handle more than 512 MB of RAM. I’ll get a 512 MB stick and try that tomorrow.

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  1. try the devon thin clients, if you haven’t they are only $139, lean and the people there will work with you.

    1. Thanks you for leaving the comment. I’m happy that you find this blog useful. I’m, also pleased to see that I’m getting ever more readership from non-English speaking parts of the world.

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