m0n0wall Now Supports Next Server Option for DHCP

Sometimes its the little things that make life a lot easier. I just found that the latest beta of m0n0wall (v1.3b13) more properly supports the “Next Server” (aka Option 66) feature in the DHCP server. This is really handy for provisioning IP phones.

There has been for some time a little config file hack that you could do to add support for the “Next Server” option to the DHCP service in m0n0wall. I discovered this while reviewing the Polycom SpectraLink 8002 SIP Wifi handset. That device required that the DHCP server tells where to look to TFTP its firmware and config profile.

Now that this is included in the web user interface there’s no further need to manually edit the XML config file as in the past. Very handy indeed. Further proof that m0n0wall rocks!

Answering Zeeek’s Tweet

Last Thursday Zeeek (aka Randulo) twittered:

Please rate in order of importance to you: love, health, money, job, world peace, gas prices, inflation, 2008 US election, iphone, twitter

It’s a good question, especially when posed to an international group. I respond as follows:

  1. Love
  2. Health
  3. world peace
  4. money
  5. job
  6. inflation
  7. gas prices
  8. 2008 US election
  9. Twitter
  10. iPhone

Web Worker Daily: 14 Things Corporations Can Learn from Seasoned Web Workers

GigaOm’s Web Worker Daily has a really nice piece called 14 Things Corporations Can Learn from Seasoned Web Workers. It lists ways that companies can adapt themselves to newer ways of working. I liked it do much that I emailed the link to my boss, and his boss….something that I rarely do.

As someone who has worked from a home office for over a decade I truly appreciate anything that helps traditional companies and managers to evolve around the reality of a distributed workforce. From network infrastructure to managing personalities from a distance, it can be a challenge. We need to encourage our superiors to continue to examine, and possibly embrace, all things new and different.

T5700 SlimNAS with 1 GB RAM

I just tried a little test in response to some questions about how the unit might perform with more RAM. I had a 1 GB SODIMM of PC2700 (DDR-333) on hand so I tried that in place of the stock 256 MB of DDR-266.

It doesn’t boot at all. It seems that the BIOS can’t handle more than 512 MB of RAM. I’ll get a 512 MB stick and try that tomorrow.

Today’s VOIP Users Call & My SIP URI

Well it certainly was a pity that today’s VOIP Users Conference call didn’t happen. Randulo, our host, was just about to start the call when he lost IP connectivity with the world. As such he lost control of the Talkshoe conference bridge. People could call in, but he could not unmute anyone.

Judging from irc channel and the Talkshoe web app there were a number of people trying to be on the call. However, the conference bridge kept us all muted. Too bad.

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m0n0wall & DNS Vulnerability

It appears that Dan Kaminsky’s DNS vulnerability is now out in the open. Or maybe it isn’t. Who knows. There was a lot of noise about vendors and ISPs dealing with patches, etc.

Happily, it appears that m0n0wall is not significantly affected. Manuel Kasper made a post on the user mailing list some time ago announcing v1.3b13-pre with an update to Dnsmasq. I installed this today without incident.

Words cannot express how much I appreciate m0n0wall. It’s simply fantastic for SOHO situations like my office.