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Ramble: New Keyboards Making Me Look Bad

I’m kinda picky about PC keyboards. My employer makes a line of TV graphics equipment and has historically bought keyboards from Cherry, a major German manufacturer. I have always liked their feel.

Some time ago they switched to a keyboard that is being custom made for us. Our gear needs a pile of custom keys dedicated to specific functions. So we always need to have keyboards customized.

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Customer Owned Fiber

Timothy B. Lee over at Ars technica has an excellent piece on a pilot project going on in Ottawa, Ontario. A neighborhood is getting fiber installed to their homes at their own expense. Once that's in place any ISP that…

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Traffic Shaping For VOIP With m0n0wall

My screencast guide to traffic shaping for VOIP using m0n0wall has been posted on the m0n0wall web site.

However, Manuel Kasper (m0n0wall project lead) had some interesting ideas on how to revise and perhaps simplify my approach. What he describes departs from the approach underlying the present implementation of the Magic Shaper in m0n0wall. Use of the Magic Shaper is the basis of the existing screencast.

Updated to provide a YouTube version in the post and ftp downloadable high quality version.

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