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Siemens S685IP: Beyond Cool

This afternoon I took a few minutes to get the S685IP setup and working. I thought I’d use it in the office today as I was going about my daily toil.

A few snips, a little solder & some electrical tape is all it took to provide power. I had to splice the universal power supplies that I bought last night into the lines from the manufacturers supplies power supplies. The voltages and current ratings matched, but the connectors didn’t. Is this what’d we’d call a “hardware mash-up” in web 2.0 parlance?

I had the base registered with OnSIP in about 5 minutes. It’s registering with two separate domains on the same account. Thus I can get work and personal calls. One of the truly great things about OnSIP is that they support multiple phones using the same registration. When a call comes in they simply all ring. Very handy.

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VOIP Supply Contest

The folks over at VOIP Supply have a nice little contest running in their blog. The post, called 101 things you can do with asterisk, is collecting responses about novel things to do with Asterisk implementations. They amended their original…

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An Interesting Week Ahead: New VOIP Hardware

The coming week promises to be very interesting. It’ll be the first full week spent in my office in a couple of months. Thank goodness. I’m tired of all the travel. Also, I have a bunch of new VOIP hardware either awaiting installation or on its way.

Polycom Soundpoint IP650

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