Netgear’s New Open Source Router

So Netgear has released an open source router. Thus it has something to compete with the open source version of the venerable Linksys WRT-54GL. Garrett Smith has an interesting viewpoint on this. One that I’m inclined to agree with.

I’m not a typical user. I’m an early adopter. I don’t mind putting in some effort to making something work up to its promised potential. I also like open source, but I just don’t see the value in running 3rd party software on a hobbled router platform. It’s just not good use of my time.

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Asterisk Appliances Continue to Explode On-Scene

The trend in new offerings of Asterisk appliances continues unabated.

On a VUC call a couple of weeks ago Dean Collins & Co. detailed the VDEX-40 from Technoco, with The Amanda Company providing US distribution.

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An Odd Confluence Of Events; VoWifi, Calliflower, Airlines & William Shatner

I spent much of this past week in Los Angeles. I was all set to fly home Friday morning but my last meeting canceled so I got myself on  the last flight out Thursday evening, a 6pm departure.

Except it wasn’t. Thunderstorms in Houston, and bad weather elsewhere in the east, had caused a myriad of delays and cancellations. My 6pm departure was pushed back until almost 9pm. No big deal. No point in making a fuss. It was still better than killing the next day getting home.

Besides, I could use the time to attend a conference call that I’d heard about. Iotum has launched a series of conference calls with interesting people to mark the introduction of their new Calliflower conference service. This past Thursday evening they interviewed William Shatner on the occasion of the release of his autobiography, “Up Till Now.”

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Polycom/Spectralink 8002 SIP WIFI Handset

I finally managed to accumulate enough experience using this device to get the review written. It’s in the hands of the folks at Small Net Builder for a final polish before publication. It’ll probably be online in a couple of days.

This was a very interesting review process as it required that I upgrade my network, which is never as easy or quick as it might seem. I now have a nice new Wifi AP which was probably overdue. My old Linksys WAP54G was a first generation model.

I like to take my time and really use a new device in anger before starting to develop a review.  Often that’s a period of weeks, sometimes even months. It depends upon the nature of the device, the amount of work required to get it working, and home much I’m traveling at the time.