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HD-DVD: Life After Death

OK, so Toshiba officially put HD-DVD to sleep a couple of months back. It's a pity but it's a fact. Yet today The Register has a piece on how HD-DVD disk sales remain solid since that time. It's also a…

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An afternoons comparative listening to 5 pairs of powered audio monitors

This past weekend a friend and I spent an afternoon listening comparatively to a collection of powered audio monitors. It was by no means a scientific study, just a casual session of listing to music in a focused manner.

We used three Slim Devices Squeezebox 3s as sources, all playing in sync from a music server. The SB3s were running Squeeze Center v7. We setup a playlist of music we both knew well then switched between monitors in pairs.

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NAB Keeping Me Busy & VOIP On The Show Floor

Next week is the annual convention of the National Association of Broadcasters. So this week marks my annual trek to Las Vegas to help with the setup of our exhibit. It’s a huge amount of work. My focus on various preparations has kept me from blogging the past week.

VOIP angle 1: Asterisk on the trade show floor

We pay a company called Smart City for internet connectivity on the trade show floor. They drop us a shared ethernet link. The speed is carefully controlled. Our link is typically around 768k x 256k and costs around $1400 for the week. It’s reliable, but very expensive.

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The Path To Whole House Audio: Part 6 – Whole House Audio

Some time ago I had installed a couple of in-ceiling speakers into our living room. I did it one Saturday while my wife was out. That was a mistake.

When she got home she was disappointed that I had done this without consulting her. I had mistakenly thought that built-in gear would be inconspicuous and so desirable from her perspective. She, on the other hand, felt that cutting holes in the ceiling of our vintage 1920s craftsman style house was a bad idea. She’d rather leave it as original as possible.

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