The Path To Whole House Audio: Part 4 – Subwoofers & Halloween

Behringer B2092A subwooferA few weeks after the Behringer monitors had arrived I learned of the mating subwoofer, Behringer’s B2092A. This was also a comparable bargain, so I bought two. Yes, stereo subwoofers. Such decadence.

The B2092A is beautiful in a way that many people will not appreciate. It’s a device built to a task with little concern for superficial things like aesthetics. It’s a 4th order double-tuned bandpass enclosure housing two long throw 8” drivers, their amplifier and crossover electronics. The built-in amp provides 360 watts rms below 80Hz with a range of adjustments to compensate for level and placement in the room.

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Alesis Pro Linear 820 DSP Powered Audio Monitors

These arrived Friday last week. They were known to be refurbished as they were discontinued last year some time. Even so, they were shipped poorly packaged and one arrived significantly damaged so I’m going to try and get it replaced.

And don’t get me started about UPS. At least in Houston they suck.

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Bluetooth Headsets And The People Who Wear Them Continuously

This post has been swirling around in my head for many months. This morning my wife and I decided to have breakfast at a nearby French cafe. In the cafe there were all manner of people. Large people*, small people, rich people, not-so-rich-people**, singles and couples. It was a typical River Oaks Houston crowd.

And then there was one guy wearing a Bluetooth headset. Huh?! It’s 9:30am on a Sunday morning and you’re at breakfast with your wife/girlfriend/mistress. What’s with the Lt. Uhura fashion sense?

I mean, how terribly important a person he must be to be that much in demand. To need such immediate access to his cell phone. Sunday. Over breakfast.

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Houston Will Get Limited Muni Wifi Despite Earthlink

When last year it was announced that Houston was to get municipal wifi network I had to applaude Mayor Bill White for his vision and drive. There are vast number of people in this city for whom the internet is not readily accessible.

Houston is a huge city with a more pronounced digital divide than many other places. It’s the kind of place where opportunity presented to low income neighborhoods can make a big difference in the lives of people.

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The Cisco IP310 Wifi SIP Phone Revisited

Matt Brunk is apparently getting a sample of the new Cisco/Linksys IP310. In the comment trail to his blog post he notes that, yes it looks like an 802.11 b/g device. The real question is its support for WMM, which can occasionally be found in the latest generation of 802.11g devices.

This is interesting to me as I have a couple of older Linksys WAP54G access points that I’ve been meaning to replace. These were the first generation hardware and have been a little flaky the past few months.

If I’m going to replace them then I’d like to know that I’m choosing APs that are well adapted to VoWifi should I later go that route. I also want POE capable APs so that I can mount them more located for more ideal range.

Today’s Voip Users Conference About Astlinux Was Rocking!

Aastra 480i CTWow! Today’s Voip Users Conference call on Astlinux was great! It’s just what I was hoping this group would evolve into. The last five or six of the weekly calls have been very good, and they seem to be getting better as time goes on.

Good host…kudos to Randy! Good guests…many thanks to Kristian, Darrick & the Astlinux crowd. Good participation by a well rounded group of people. It went long, but it didn’t seem like it. I learned some useful stuff. It was time well spent.

If you weren’t on the call you owe it to yourself to listen to the recording, here.