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Traveling This Coming Week

I'm en route to Cambridge this evening for a week of work at Pixel Power's UK home office. I'm likely to be posting less frequently for the next few days. The hotel I've booked has wifi. It should be interesting…

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Initial Reaction To The Snom M3s

SNOM M3 SIP/DECT Cordless Phone

After two days of using these little phones around the house and office I’m feeling pretty good about them. They’re very small, which is potentially less than ideal, but so far it hasn’t been a problem. The batteries are Lithium-Ion and the talk time seems very good.

I used one with an old Panasonic headset for a series of conference calls today. I probably spent four hours on the line. The call quality was excellent. Volume on both the phone and the headset was good, which had been a problem on wifi phones I had tried previously.

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CMPs No Jitter Revisits QoS

Josh Bartlett over at CMPs No Jitter is again touching on Qos in a post called QoS Has Four Parts. It's a good summary of some of the mechanics underlying the implementation I describe in my series on VOIP over…

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Remembering Sprint ION

Back in 2001 we had the pleasure of a year of Sprint’s ION DSL service. ION remains to this day the best broadband service that I’ve experienced. It’s a terrible pity that Sprint shut it down.

ION stood for, “Integrated On-Demand Network.” It was an xDSL drop to a CPD (CPD = Customer Premises Device) that presented network connections (RJ-45) and phone connections (RJ-11s.) It was offered in a couple of packages. We had the one targeting SOHO users, which was 2 fixed IP adresses and 4 phones lines. For $149/mo the service included 1.5/768 data and unlimited local calling & domestic long distance. There was also a lesser service with 1 IP and 2 phone lines for $99/mo.

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