VUC Call April 3rd: Michael Robertson’s OpenSky

opensky_logoWhen I heard that Randulo had arranged to have Gizmo5‘s Michael Robertson as last weeks VUC guest I just knew that I had to find a way to free up an hour and be on that call. Were you there? If not you should listen to the podcast.

Rather than offer a bunch of commentary about bridging the SIP and Skype realms, which I will save for later, I’ll just say one thing for the moment. Paying $20/year for OpenSky seems to make more sense than paying for a membership in FWD, which I did last summer.

This Weeks Blast From Astricon: Asterisk & Skype

Digium and Skype have partnered to provide a formal means of integrating the Skype and Asterisk worlds. It’s possibly very exciting although it’s early days yet, with a limited beta program just about to start.

It seems to me that this gives Skype a lot more exposure to business applications, especially in the SMB sector.

There’s a lot of coverage about this elsewhere online. Here’s some recommended reading.

Of course there has been a number of people demanding that Skype open their network to interoperability with the standards-based SIP world, key amongst them Voxeo’s Dan York and Gizmo5’s Michael Robertson. For their part Skype seemed reluctant, but maybe that was just gamesmanship.