• http://blog.flowbuzz.com/ Benjamin Ellison

    It would be interesting if this could position the iPad as an all-in-one desktop device (phone & thin client). According to the hookflash review they link to & the device website, it routes audio over a BT connection and supports a simultaneous BT keyboard profile. It appears, however, that there’s no video output capability (for running VMWare View on a monitor, for instance). And it isn’t exactly clear on why there are two network ports on the device… If the iPad is doing the heavy lifting and connectivity, what are those for?

    • mjgraves

      All this and more will be addressed eventually. I need to restrain my inclination to comment immediately as I don’t yet have much experience with the device. I especially careful as I’m not intimate with the iPad, so I need to carefully define what Mocet can do vs what Apple decrees.

  • Paul Laskowski

    I have this fantasy that someone is going to make one of these handset docks that can circumvent using a Wifi connection (I wish apple would let networking route through a dock’s nic for these types of products – I don’t think they do). Maybe a Bluetooth PAN connection with the dock as the gateway would do the trick.

    Because there are two network ports out the back, and also because of the BT+EDR spec, this thing might fit my fantasy. If this truly is the case (I could be way off here), and it works well, I’d be up for getting some for an office environment. If it still relies on wifi, I think this thing would be relegated to home offices only. It will be interesting to hear how it actually works.

    Michael, If you need a test platform for video conferencing, I’d be glad to test it with you via my company’s Vidyo video conferencing system. Just get ahold of me via email or G+.

    • D Lite

      Why would you want to both introduce latency and extra jitter, and additional trips through DSP?

  • D Lite

    I would very much like to know how well it plays with OSTN, an Open Standards initiative of zRTP & sRTP:


    and how well it handles Acrobits GroundWire (cross platform SIP client)

    Can it handle one leg in G.722? both?

    Does it play well with anveo.com SIP TCP? SIP TCP TLS?

    sip:sq@ostel.co (SIMPLE OTR)