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    Thanks for the thoughts on my blog post Michael.  I think your experience is endemic of the SME space in the video conferencing space: what I call the goldilocks program.  High-end video conf. solutions are see as too expensive and out of reach for most SMEs; Lower-end solutions like Skype and Go-to-meeting often are not perceived as good enough to be worth the hassle for many businesses preferring the solid but lower sensory experience than video conferencing.  

    One of the problems Vidtel’s is focused on solving is providing a better solution to companies like yours that might want a higher end experience but don’t want to spend the money on expensive network infrastructure and probably don’t have the IT staffing to support it anyway.  Additionally, if you go higher end, you want to interoperate with the consumer-based services like Skype and Google Talk where the mast majority of people in business have experienced video (and don’t have special equipment).  

    This in-the-middle-just-right market is still emerging with a combination of new, higher quality and lower cost equipment combined with cloud services like Vidtel to both outsource the network equipment into a monthly service combined with consumer/Skype interop to talk with the rest of the world.  I’d be happy to discuss this with you and your company’s options – maybe the topic of a follow up blog :)


    Vidtel, Inc.

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      I’ll email you my contact details.

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