• http://8774e4voip.com Michael White


    We changed the price for this device on the site. I didn’t want the readers of your blog to feel left out.

    The Discount code of GRAVES380 brings them back to $29.99


    • http://www.mgraves.com mjgraves

      Thanks for the update!

      • Steven

        Mr. Graves, you mentioned that this phone can be quirky. Is one of the quirks that this phone has trouble obtaining an ip address from a router? I got two of these phones and both are having the same prob. From what I read from the manual it seems by default is should use DCHP and just connect. Since it is happening to both phones I more inclined as this point to say it is user error, but based on what i read the phone should just connect to the network. Any help would be appreciated.

        • http://www.mgraves.com mjgraves

          This has not been my experience. The one that I have works well enough with the DHCP service in my m0n0wall router.

          That said, the phone can actually be a router itself. That is, it has settings to perform PPPoE login no the WAN side and then act as a router to other devices strung off its second network port. I wonder if in your case it’s simply in this mode?

          Was it packed as new, or open-box? Is it likely that someone had a little play with it before it got to you?

          • Steven

            A good example of why it is a never a good idea to post when you are tired and going to bed. You can forget to hit the reply button. I did give a friend one phone to try out. The reason i got two was to let him borrow one to try out the HDvoice .So I will see what he gets when he hooks the phone into his network.

  • Steven

    Thanks for the reply. It would appear then that these phones should pretty much just work if hooked into a router running dhcp. I did try bypassing my switch and hooking directly into the router (Netgear WNDR3700) but still nothing. It would just show the default ip referenced in the user guide in the phones network settings. After some time has past it would then go to zeros for the ip address.

    Your m0n0wall router did give an idea. I have a WRT54GL running DD-WRT. I reset the settings on the router to defaults (was using it before as an wifi access point) and the phones did get an ip address, but I could not connect to them. Firefox and IE would not connect to the ip address assigned to the phones. Tried to ping the phones but got destination unreachable.

    As far as the router setting on the phones I did factory reset the phones (using the menu on the phones), made sure the settings where dhcp and then rebooted them many times. I could not even use the PPPoE option since I have Cable internet and not DSL. Also I think the manual says you have to get a successful PPPoE connection before you can activate the router feature.

    I got the 2 phones from E4 Technologies from the link provided in this post. I also did use the discount code Michael White provided in the first Response. The website does state new and the everything seemed packaged as new.

    I’m thinking maybe i just got 2 phones that are not working for some reason. I would guess the Ethernet port on the phones are bad, but with very limited voip experience (few skype calls on my n800 and ipod touch, ooma phone service and my Comcast digital phone service) I just get the feeling that maybe I’m missing something. Kinda a stupid question but do the settings for the sip service need to be put in the phone using the keypad before I’m able to log into it? Based on the manual it would seem I should be able to put the settings using the web interface. Just thought i would ask. Again thanks for your help.