• http://voip.psu.edu/ John Balogh

    Michael White suggested solution for Screen Saver discard of initial keystroke: disable screen saver. Battery life still great (2 days without a charge). Works for my Wife. :-)

    • http://www.mgraves.org mjgraves

      Yes, this was mentioned back in the initial review as well.

  • http://thestrategyblog.com Will

    Hi Michael,
    Did you ever run into any problems with the DTMF tones on the A580/A58h setup?

    I’ve been using OnSIP (they pointed me to you, btw) and while most toll free/IVR systems I call into cause me no problems, however the conference/bridge lines I call for my work cause problems. On those lines the handset plays a descending tone when I depress a key for DTMF. The manual says that means out of band and gives no other details.

    I’ve tried removing the G.722 codec (advanced telephony settings says “When using G.722-Codecs (wide-band connection) DTMF Signals cannot be transmitted over audio.”) with no resolution. Also tried changing the flash hook settings. I’m using Using firmware 022230000000 / 047.00. Any idea on possible resolutions?

    • http://thestrategyblog.com Will

      Sorry to answer my own question, but apparently this problem is due to the conference line provider using “early media.” The call isn’t yet “connected” which is why the phone doesn’t let me send DTMF.

      • http://www.mgraves.com mjgraves

        That’s excellent news. At least you now know why this is happening.