• http://www.teamforrest.com Fred Posner

    Great article! I too was very very excited at first, but truly also expected more by now. I have many dreams of integrating skype with phone systems… from call centers to IVR’s. I still remain optimistic… only the optimism is beginning to fain.

  • Carlos Talbot

    If you’re curious about wideband audio and Skype you might want to check out the new module that’s part of FreeSWITCH: http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Skypiax

    It works with G.722 and Skype’s 16khz codec. It’s included in the latest Windows MSI build for FreeSWITCH:


  • http://www.mgraves.org mjgraves

    Which codec is that? The new SILK? Or something older?

  • Carlos Talbot

    Good question. I suppose it depends on which version of the skype client you are running on the Freeswitch host. The right person to ask would be Giovanni Maruzzelli, the author of the module. He initially wrote it for Asterisk and has since ported to Freeswitch. From what he wrote on the wiki page above I’m lead to believe it support’s Skype’s 16khz audio codec:

    “Skypiax works in FreeSWITCH (FS) on both Linux and Windows, at both 8khz and 16khz (Skype client has 16khz audio I/O). Skypiax works on Asterisk too, at 8khz, on Linux and Windows (through CygWin). ”

    Giovanni’s web site is http://www.celliax.org/


  • Carlos Talbot

    Here’s the response from the developer:


    “the new SILK codec is standard on skype client 4.x for windows.
    If you use that skype client version as interface, you are using SILK (I believe), no intervention needed.
    With Mac and Linux skype clients, no SILK available. “

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    Great article. The husband and I dumped landlines for voip about 2 years ago and haven’t looked back since. Our friends are cell phone only but we only have prepaid so this works out. Thanks!